Client Testimonials

Here is what our clients say about us:

"Our decision on an agency was based on the history, experience, and integrity of the INA team; it was an easy choice. With Insurance Network, we receive the correct coverage and only pay for the coverage that we need. I have known the folks at INA for over 20 years and it was easy to build on that history and relationship when looking for an insurance partner. INA is a major provider in the Texas cooperative insurance market. Insurance Network fully understands risk management and they are a good fit for our cooperative."
Mark Stubbs
General Manager/CEO
Farmers Electric Cooperative, Inc.

"We have been with INA for a long time, ever since I've been involved actually. They're more of an extension of our company than a vendor. We treat them more as a consultant than a broker. We use their valuable knowledge of the industry as a whole, and they have been very supportive to us in that role. Even to the point where it might not be their line of business, but it's not beyond their expertise. These are good people. INA is our in-house insurance expert."
David Babcock
Chief Operations Officer
Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, Inc.

"We have been with INA for as long as I've worked with Magic Valley Electric Cooperative, and there has never been a need to look elsewhere. The staff at INA has always been helpful and readily available, whether it's with a claim, loss control, or training. We have a great working relationship, even if I don't have a claim open. They are aware of the seriousness of our industry and all of the legal liabilities. Because of this, they are very thorough and knowledgeable with all of the information they provide. They are very down to earth and can be easily reached at all times."
Vince Macias
Safety Coordinator
Magic Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc.

"With Magic Valley Electric Cooperative's 225 employees and a budget of over $200 million, we have a lot of exposure and a responsibility to protect our members' investment in these facilities," says Magic Valley Electric Cooperative General Manager John Herrera. "During our business relationship with Insurance Network of America for the past 11 years, we've come to trust their experience in making sure we have the proper insurance policies, from directors' and officers' liability to workers' compensation."
John Herrera
General Manager
Magic Valley Electric Cooperative